How to Rekindle Our Enthusiasm for a Brand New Day

Here’s a short prayer that will help you let go of something that you don’t need to carry with you.

As we are all in the quarantining phase of this coronavirus epidemic, it’s very easy to feel like “Groundhog Day,” one day piling up to the next one, and often we can wake up and feel a sense of “Oh my god, another day” that adds onto another day in quarantine. I wrote this poem to share with all of us so that each day, we can rekindle our enthusiasm and start fresh, because it is a brand new day and we cannot take it for granted. The possibilities of every day are vast, and we have the ability to create the most magical, connected, and loving day  for ourselves and for all of us. Maybe today is the day that we can let go of something we don’t need to carry, or the day that we will have a new revelation and awakening about life; so make today a brand new day. Here is a prayer to rekindle our enthusiasm for a new day:

The Prayer:

Today is not just another day that piles on from yesterday’s.

Today is a brand new day because I am breathing, I am alive, and I can tap into the endless possibilities, and how grand is that!

Just like the weather is never the same, just like in nature things are daily changing, and just like in the whole universe everything moves and changes, today I welcome this brand new day and I ask that I may look at this day with brand new eyes, not predicting it based on yesterday.

Rekindle my enthusiasm and let that spill over to everything I do, without taking for granted the little miracles of life or forgetting to be grateful for every little thing.

Help me make this day a brand new day so I can evoke the spirit of my life and feel my wondrous aliveness. No matter the conditions and circumstances, let me find the newness in myself and crumble the walls that I have built between me, my heart, and others.

Let me drop any judgements about how I think my life should be and move into the field of acceptance embracing everything that is, and, from that place, make new choices to bring the spirit of more kindness, more tenderness, more loving, more laughter, and more insightfulness so that the spirit that makes all things move can also move in me right now and make this moment (and the next and the next) a brand new moment.

I turn my gaze inside to the lighter parts of me, and change my uninspired heart and mind with the new ways of seeing what I might have forgotten and been blinded to, so that I may reveal what lies before me.

Help me trust that I am one breath away from knowing that the conditions of my life can be transformed with more grace, more ease, more loving, more receptivity, and yes, please, more joy.

I dare to let my heart soften and take You in. Renew me in your embrace.

Allow the deeper gratitude of knowing there is another day, and how grand is that, that I can choose to make it the most important day!

Allow me to see the truth of who I am and not the habit of who I have become; a glimpse of the bigger scheme of all that is!

Agapi StassinopolousHow to Rekindle Our Enthusiasm for a Brand New Day