Vast Corridors

In the vast corridors of my inner domains
planks of love have been set on the floors
for me
to walk steadily on my path
to feel the safety of my heart
as it arches itself towards
my soul
to glimpse the light
that first gave birth
to that which I now call
To know my soul
not as something I have read in
the book of books
or that the masters talk about
but to know it as a reality
in this physical world.
I arch myself to reach it even higher
when it gently says to me
“Let me come to thee.
To know me, to own me
and to claim me as yourself.”
No more a figment of your imagination
or a poem to beautifully frame on your wall
but to walk and talk
as one who knows one’s soul.
“And what about me?”
I hear a little voice say
inside of me.
“Don’t leave me behind.”
It is my worldly self that speaks.
And yet, my soul,
so gentle in its nature, filled with affection
lends a hand to the part
that thinks it can never reach
the higher source
and takes it in and says,
“You, too, are a part of me.
Come, rest, in my tender heart.”
In the vast corridors of my inner domains,
the planks of love
have been laid
for all parts of me
to walk safely in
the heart of love.


I could walk on water so you’ll know I love you
I could give you wings and you can come flying with me
And you will know I love you
I could do arabesque and pirouettes
Dance the polka or drop a million stars at your feet
And you will know I love you
Or I could have every blade of grass
Sing ”I love you”, in harmony till
Every cell of your billion cell
Will hear it loud and clear
But your mind somehow still won’t believe it
So I wait in the corner for you to turn around
Letting you search for me
Going through your ups and downs
Take the million mile journey
Do sidda yoga postures until the cows come home
Wait and cry, ”Were are you !?”
Feel hurt, betrayed, rejected, alone and abandoned
I’ll let you do all that
Because when you find me
You’ll feel it’s worthwhile
So I’m not going to take the journey away from you
I won’t deny you the right to know
That you now deserve to know me
I, however, never put conditions in my love
You did
I threw a million daisy petals at your feet
So you can play the game
”He loves me, he loves me not”
But you somehow managed to always end it
In the Not
So I will let you be in your search for me
Till one moment you’ll exhale, let go, turn around
And you will fall in my embrace
And know the immensity of my Love
And that you and I are One.


What if today
you were given a new clean slate
where you were able to start fresh again
with no doubt in your heart
of knowing who you are
where the script was now being re-written,
exactly as you wished
with happy endings
and lots of love scenes
with intimate interiors
and gorgeous exteriors
What if you hired a new writer
that wrote winning scenes
where the cameramen only shot your best shot
and the cinematographer picked the ideal scenes
where the curtain opened and
never closed
and the editor edited out all negative thoughts
What if today you were cast
for the starring role of your life
and you were even given an award
What if today, this moment,
you claimed yourself
and your trust was rekindled
to the voice of your heart
What if today, this moment, you stepped fully into
who you are, you dared, you shared
and you gave the world the gift of the magnificent you!


You keep knocking at my door
But I don’t live here anymore
My old house is demolished,
I left
Where I live, you cannot find me
Don’t look for me—I have no visitors of your kind.
My house is lit with love
If you come close, it will engulf you
And you will disappear, and you won’t like that
In my house, there is no room for you
The rooms are filled with joy
And you will not like that.
Don’t keep knocking at my door.
I have moved.
You won’t find me there anymore.
I have moved into the Palace of my Heart.


Within the confines of your life, you’ve placed so many signs
With no exit
No entry
No U-Turns
And all dead ends.

Its time for you to take the signs down
You’ve placed the signs and held yourself captive from your life
Like a loyal servant to the master of the world.
Only, now its time to take the signs down and listen
To the master of your soul

Within the confines of your life, you’ve placed so many signs
For only one sign is required, permission is granted
The gate is open
Proceed with trust
There are only green lights.

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